The First Episode! The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub

9 Jan

Aired Oct 15 1951

The Plot: It’s Fred and Ethel’s wedding anniversary! Ethel wants to go to a nightclub but Fred wants to go to the fights so to make the boys jealous and give in, Lucy tells them they’ll get dates and go to the club without them. The boys, instead, get their own dates- Lucy and Ethel in disguise.

Let’s Get Into It: For the very first scene of the very first episode, I was a little surprised it had the girls in aprons and head kerchiefs just scrubbing the dishes. Not very glamorous. And of course, while their doing chores, the boys are lounging around in the living room. Oh boy, this show is really from a different time.

Anyway it’s the Mertz’s 15 year anniversary. (which I am pretty sure the math doesn’t add up! I know in a later episode it’s their 25 year anniv. and this show did not run for 10 years…) Edit: research is saying it’s their 18th anniversary. I heard 15 clear as day. Hmm…

So the Mertzes, well really Lucy and Ricky on their behalf’s, fight over the big day plans. William Frawley cracks me up in this scene. Watch how excited he gets when Lucy yells Ethel wants a divorce!

In an effort to make the boys jealous, Lucy says she and Ethel will get dates to take them to the nightclub instead and whispers the names of the lucky winners into Ethel’s ear. I wonder what Ball is really whispering because it sure doesn’t look like “Little Boy Blue and Peter Cottontail.”  But her line of “a boy and a dog” always cracks me up. L, I can relate!


My date more often than not!

The boys go downstairs to the Mertz’s apartment and Ricky is quite worried about these “dates” but all Fred can do is talk about the fights. He talks out loud of getting steaks first with raw onions all over it. Raw onions?!? Not even cooked onions?? Fred, no. Ricky decides to get their own dates and give the girls a taste of their own medicine. How weird is it that this show, which can’t even show the married couple (on the show and in real life) sleeping in the same bed, but they can all go out on dates with other people? 

Image result for the girls want to go to a nightclub

In the end it doesn’t really matter because Lucy and Ethel are set up to be the boys’ dates. They dress up as total weirdos and knock on the Ricardo’s door. HOW do Ricky and Fred not recognize their own wives?? At one point Fred even says “I’d know my own wife wouldn’t I?” You would think so, pal. Lucy is wearing a wig, painted on freckles and blacked out a couple teeth. Ethel is pretty much only wearing glasses and yet, total strangers to their husbands. And Lucy has a freaking costume shop in her closet. She always has a costume on hand for any occasion.  But the boots she wears in this scene are awesome! They’re kinda like Doc Martins and I would wear them today. The gals chase their husbands around to gross them out and you’ll notice that Ethel never actually kisses Fred. I don’t think Vance ever kissed Frawley in the history of the show- they disliked each other that much! #mertzkisswatch

In the end the Ricardo’s kiss and make up (the Mertzes hug) and they all get dressed up and go… to the fights. Happy anniversary Fred and Ethel.


This was the first aired episode but it actually filmed second. The first filmed ep was “Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her” which is episode 4.

This was one of the re-run episodes when Ball was pregnant in season 2. They filmed a special intro then with Ethel babysitting  (uhhh even though Ricky is home?!)  and she comes into the living room and switches the channel on the boys watching the fight. The three sit back and reminisce on when they disagreed about the fights from this episode and the rest of ep 1 plays.

Since the show is filmed more like a play, they didn’t allow many reshoots. At one point Desi flubs a line and says “I wonder why they wanted us to meet us…” and they all just rolled with it. Desi flubs a  lot.

The last scene of the gang at the fights was filmed in the studio bleachers after the audience went home.


Lucy: “Ever since we said ‘I do,’ there are so many things we don’t” ::  Jess Oppenheimer said this was the funniest single line in the history of ILL!




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