S1E2: Be a Pal

16 Jan

Aired Oct 22 1951

The Plot: Lucy gets fed up that Ricky ignores her in the morning so she tries to keep the romance alive.

Let’s Get Into It: It starts out with Lucy and Ricky having breakfast and I swear that toaster has more scenes than Little Ricky ever does over the course of the show.

Ricky is reading his paper and ignoring Lucy as she talks and talks but that scene where he kisses the grapefruit goodbye honestly elicited an audible Ha from me. Ethel comes in and helps herself to the breakfast leftovers and I think she looks super cute here, even with her hair in curlers. She convinces Lucy, with the help of the book of the week selection, that in order to win back Ricky’s affection, she should dress up for breakfast.

Image result for be a pal i love lucy

Glamorous Lucy is a total knockout! Ball was 41 years old already when ILL aired but she’s still got it. Ricky, totally dense, walks on outta there and off to work. That little bit where she calls Ethel is funny, but wouldn’t the phone still be ringing in Lucy’s ear while she’s carrying on that conversation? I still like it though; its clever and charming enough to overlook the possible goof.

So Lucy’s next plan is to “Be A Pal” and she takes over Ricky’s poker night with his buds. This is the first appearance of Richard Reeves as Hank. (see bottom of page for our familiar faces.) Also watch Frawley’s hands on the poker table. His hand tremors from his alcoholism are already apparent in this scene. My favorite part of the episode is when Lucy sneaks of peaks of Ricky’s card when she’s dealing them out!

Surprisingly, being a pal doesn’t work. And so she takes on the mother role and dresses up like Carmen Miranda and decks the whole apartment out like a scene from Havana. Again, where does she get these costumes and decorations?? The rents a freaking DONKEY! and Children! Who’s children are they?? Neighbor kids? The same kids from the Lucy plays Cupid episode?

Image result for i love lucy be a pal

Also out of character, Lucy at one point says she has 2 left feet  and as a singer, sounds like she’s a bull moose trying to pull its foot out of the mud. Hmm…. in the very next episode (which we’ll get to) she says she’s a “wonderful” singer and dancer.


Lucille Ball asked Carmen Miranda for permission to dress up like her and lip sync the song, “Mama  Yo Quiero.”

Familiar Faces:

Hank is played by Richard Reeves.You’ll later see him playing all different characters throughout the course of the show but he’s probably the most recognizable as Bill Foster in The Gossip. He also has bit parts in  The Publicity Agent, Lucy is Enceinte, The Indian Show, Equal Rights, The French Revue, and Tennessee Ernie Hangs On. 

Charlie, fellow poker player, is Tony Michaels who is later the laundry man in Bonus Bucks. 



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