S1E3: The Diet

23 Jan

Aired Oct 29 1951

The Plot: Lucy wants to be in the show! Ricky promises Lucy that if she can fit into the costume of the previous dancer, she can be Sally Sweet.

Let’s Get Into It: Ohhh boy! Would this episode ever fly in 2017?? Ricky flat out tells Lucy that she is “too fat” to be in the show! Half in gest but it is still a little bit shocking in this day and age. Plus Lucy tells her actual weight!  132lbs. I don’t you’ll ever hear that nowadays.

It starts with the foursome sitting around after dinner counting how many oysters everyone ate. How many did Lucy buy?? The boys alone ate 34! Lucy declares that she hasn’t gained a pound since she got married and the rest of the bunch challenge her, bring out the bathroom scales and lean in to see the number. Again, 132.

Well wouldn’t you know it, right then and there Ricky’s agent Jerry phones to say his dancer quit “to get married” which I guess is a valid excuse in 1951. And Lucy now a “wonderful singer and dancer” compared to what she said about herself 1 week ago, wants the part. She goes to the audition and meets the original mean girls. The other gals auditioning. Lets be honest, they’re super rude but I loved their outfits! Those high wasted shorts with the buttons? I want them.

Image result for i love lucy the diet

Lucy tries on the size 12(!) costume that too small and busts out of it, ripping it at the seams, even the sleeves are in pieces which made me laugh. How fat are her forearms? Ha! If she fixes the costume and can fit into it, she can have the part. (If she’s the one sewing it, can’t she let out the seams a little? I know I wouldda.)

She diets and exercises and wrestles with Butch, Fred’s dog (never to be seen or mentioned again by the way… and don’t somewhere down the line when Little Ricky adopts his dog say no pets are allowed in the building?? )  Anyway, she wrestles for table scraps and ultimately rents a “human pressure cooker” to lose those last remaining lbs. I always wondered how much that thing cost to rent. Ricky is adamant the replacement dancer must fit into the costume because he doesn’t want to shell out the bucks for a new dress, but does he know how much she’s spending on this contraption?

Image result for sally sweet i love lucy

She fits into the dress! I actually like the costume. It’s this bright green color in real life. Although what is going on with that head piece? Lucy gets to be in the show… with no rehearsal? She doesn’t need it apparently and it’s a fun number. It was lifted from Lucy and Desi’s vaudeville act and I like to watch Ricky’s face while they’re dancing.

And while Lucy is rolled away on a stretcher from exhaustion and malnutrition, we see her point to Ethel to let out the Mean Girl dancer who was supposed to preform tonight. So you’re telling me Lucy literally tied up and kidnapped a woman?? Think that girl is coming back for tomorrow’s show? Don’t think so. So Ricky’s back at square one!

MFH connection: This episode is based “My Favorite Husband” episode titled”Iris and Liz’s Easter.”
Familiar Faces: 
The piano player who’s shoulder Lucy briefly looks over is Marco Rizo, Arnaz’s childhood friend from Cuba! You’ll also see him in Ricky Loses his Voice, The Diner, The Dancing Stars, The Passports, and Second Honeymoon. 

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