The Best of ILL Part 2

9 Feb

There are 4 episodes on the Best of DVD that didn’t match up with the IMDb‘s user ratings for the top 10 and 4 extra episodes (14 are on the DVD) so to follow up with part 1, here are the other notable 8 eps.

Image result for i love lucy lucy is enceinte

#11 Lucy is Enceinte (S2E10)
How could this not make the list? Lucy finds out she’s preg going to have a baby and she can’t find the perfect way to tell Ricky. In the end, the way she does it and Ricky’s song to his wife is pure magic.

Image result for i love lucy the ballet

#12 The Ballet (S1E19)
Classic Ball physical comedy. Plus there is a song in this ep that has a very special meaning for me so I’m happy to see it on the Best of. 

#13 Paris at Last (S5E18)
This one doesn’t rate too high on the IMDb list. Lucy accidentally exchanges her money for counterfeit and ends up getting arrested. So to converse with the police officer, Lucy speaks English to Ricky who speaks Spanish to another prisoner who speaks German to one officer who speaks French to the sergeant. It’s a mess. A hilarious mess.

Related image

#14 Lucy Gets in Pictures (s4E18)
Lucy’s dream has come true! She has a part in a movie. And everything goes wrong.

#15 Lucy Goes to the Hospital (s2E16)
Little Ricky makes his entrance into the world! I can’t say that I put this episode on repeat very often myself but in terms of history making, it’s a biggie.

Image result for lucy gets a paris gown

#16 Lucy Gets a Paris Gown (S5E20)
I think this one surprised me the most. Lucy pesters Ricky for a designer dress until he makes her one out of burlap. That scene of them strutting their stuff down the streets of Paris is instantly recognizable.

#17 Bon Voyage (S5E13)
Lucy and the gang are all set to sail to Europe but of course, Lucy misses the boat. And then the pilot boat. And has to be lowered onto the ship by a harness.

Image result for i love lucy harpo

#18 Lucy and Harpo Marx (S4E28)
This one is always highly rated in ILL canon. Maybe people love the Marx Bros more than I? In the ep, Lucy, who’s been running her mouth off to frenemy Caroline Appleby dresses up like her celeb “friends” to keep up appearances. But the real Harpo shows up and they preform the famous mirror routine.



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