S1E7: The Seance

20 Feb

Aired Nov 26, 1951

Plot: Lucy, suddenly superstitious, meddles in Ricky’s career when she tells theater producer Mr. Merriweather “no” because Ricky’s horoscope told her to. To make it up to everyone, Lucy holds a seance to contact’s Merriweather’s dear departed, Tilly.

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Let’s Get Into It: I guess Ethel’s tarot card reading from episode 4 convinces Lucy in the supernatural because now she is all about horoscopes and palm readings and numerology. She is a 3. Ricky is a 5 and Ethel is a 7. Whatever that means. At one point Ricky tells Lucy to “nip it in the 3” and Lucy’s reaction is “Watch your language!” Is he saying a bad word or saying to nip it in the Lucy?? Also maybe suggestive (for a 1950’s show) Ricky asks Lucy if she likes the way he “vibrates!” There’s also a Hers and Hers joke thrown in.

Lucy thinks she’s talking to Ricky’s barber and tells him “no no no” because Ricky’s horoscope says Gemini’s should stay in bed all day.Well she’s really talking to Ricky’s potential employer, Mr. Merriweather. Ricky marches Lucy straight over to Merriweather’s office to explain and lucky for them, Merriweather is all about horoscopes too. He’s a 7. “We’re all odd, aren’t we?”

So to schmooze him, Lucy invites him over for a seance so he can talk to Tilly. Ethel has more of that costume money and dressed up as the medium. Ricky and Lucy both have the same idea to fake the Tilly voice. Fred agrees to Rick’s plan, pretends to have a headache and waits downstairs for Ricky’s cue when it’s time to fake his voice, but it takes him too long and Lucy beats him to it. She sneezes and burns herself on the fireplace and convinces eager Mr. Merriweather that she has a cold and I guess is in Hell. They have a nice, deceiving chat and then he wants to contact Mrs. Merriweather! Fred arrives just in time and does that voice to remind Merriweather of his terrible memories with his wife. Ha!

Since Lucy doesn’t know about Fred and Fred doesn’t know about Lucy, they’re convinced Ethel really was talking to a ghost. They start looking for one. Like under chairs and stuff. Ricky comes in after walking Merriweather out when he gets the info. Yes, Mrs. Merriweather is his wife but he is convinced Ethel is the real deal because Tilly’s voice sounded just like what he imagined it would be if Tilly could talk. Tilly, as it turns out, was his cocker spaniel!


Starting with this episode one side of the Ricardo’s sofa was padded to make Desi appear taller when sitting next to Lucy.


Ricky is a Gemini. Ethel is a Leo (as is Viv in real life) and Lucy is a Taurus– in this episode. A later episode quotes Lucy’s birthday as Ball’s real birthday, Aug. 6th.


When Ball went on maternity leave, this was one of the episodes that re-ran with a new opening scene. Ricky comes home to Ethel babysitting because Lucy is at the library. She is trying to find the best name for the baby according to numerology. She almost named the baby Xavier! No child of Ricky’s will be named after Cugat!

MFH Connection: Based on the episode “Numerology.”

Familiar Faces:

Mr. Merriweather is played by Jay Novello, and old My Favorite Husband player who is also Mr. Beecher in The Sublease and Mario in Visitor From Italy.



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