S1E8: Men Are Messy

27 Feb

Aired Dec 3, 1951

Plot: Lucy gets upset at Ricky for being sloppy after she cleans the house all day. To make him shape up, she decides to basically destroy the place when a photographer comes to shoot the apartment.

Let’s Get Into It: Lucy starts on the phone with Ethel saying how she just can’t stand the house being messy so of course Ricky immediately comes home and throws his stuff everywhere. He took 1 shoe off and was wearing only 1 shoe for so long it made me uncomfortable! He needed to keep 1 shoe on so he could step on and crack his nuts, then thankfully he took it off, throwing it on the floor with everything else.

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Lucy comes in and gets on his case. She picks up a magazine to show him how other people live and Ricky says he was supposed to be the next spread in the magazine. Lucy’s joke “Better Homes and Garbage” is quite clever! Now the Mertzes are coming and Lucy tells Ricky to straighten up for company. Sure, clean up for friends, but she tells him to put his shoes on. I’m with Rick on this one. I wouldn’t put on shoes. They just can’t agree on anything so Lucy divides the room right down the middle.

The phone is right in the middle of the line and so Lucy insists Ricky listens and she talks. Kenny, the publicity agent on the other end, doesn’t even seem fazed by this weird arrangement. Maybe he’s used to their antics? Lucy also blocks Ricky from the kitchen and yet immediately forgets her own rule and tries to go into the bathroom. Not so fast, Luce.

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It’s the next day at the club and Ricky is rehearsing. As much as I have my problems with this episode, this scene of Ricky singing and dancing “The Hat Song” with Maggie, the club’s cleaning woman is one of the most adorable scenes of the show!

Kenny shows up with photographer in tow to do the photo spread and he says he wants to shoot Ricky at home. All this gets relayed to Lucy who justifies that no one reads the musician magazine anyway so she’s going to teach Ricky a lesson and have the place look like a total pig sty. Oh Lucy! She sure can be immature and, well a brat sometimes and I just hate seeing her like this. Don’t people in the music industry read that magazine? Like Ricky’s contemporaries and possible future employers?? And wouldn’t it still be an embarrassing reflection on her as well? This always felt like an extreme overreaction! Of course I’ve always fallen in Ricky’s “lived in” camp. Do you agree with me that Lucy went too far?

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So on top of being a slob, Lucy makes herself ugly? Just another wig she has on hand. And she talks with another weird voice. I guess she’s trying to be a redneck. And where does she get a car tire that she can so casually display in her living room?

And chickens! More live animals that are available to Lucy on a whim. Where does she get chickens in Manhattan? They’re good for a couple gags. Lucy throws it in the air and it flaps to the ground and Ricky sits on an egg.

Plus it kills me that Ethel is just waiting in the laundry on the line the entire time. She and Lucy go “hunting” in the bedroom. Did they actually shoot that gun off? What else would make that sound? And they come out with their… bear. I can’t even ask all my questions.

So it’s revealed that Jim White is not from that musician magazine no one reads, but is in fact from a very popular magazine, Look! The last scene, has Ricky with the newly printed magazine and he says how the photographer promised not to include Lucy in his article. But ouch, she made cover! okay but huh? Cover pictures are supposed to entice readers to buy the mag. Will anyone buy this? And is she linked to Ricky or is there just some strange redneck woman on the cover? Again a million and a half questions…



According to IMDb, The cover of Look! magazine that Lucy appears on is the August 1951 issue. The three headliners on the right side of Pope Pius, the B-47 jet and of Gaylord Hauser are factual. Lucy’s dubbed photo is covering the cover photo of the 3 Universal starlets of 1951.
Familiar Faces:
Kenny Morgan who plays Kenny the publicity agent, is married to Lucille Ball’s cousin, Cleo– who was more of a sister to Ball.
Maggie, who is just a delight, is later in Fan Magazine Interview and The Great Train Robbery. 

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