S1E9: The Fur Coat

6 Mar

Aired Dec 10, 1951

Plot: Ricky rents a fur coat for his act but Lucy assumes it’s a present for her. She’s so ecstatic that Ricky can’t bring himself to be honest with her.

Let’s Get Into it: Ricky comes home and shows Fred and Ethel a fur coat he rented for his act. Whatever his act is that calls for such a coat, it’s never revealed. I always wonder if I’d ever go to or enjoy the Tropicana. What goes on down there? I just want to see Maggie. The coat cost Ricky $3,500. We already know they pay $250 a month in rent. That’s 14 months rent! In 2016, it equals $33,113. Woah.

Ethel tries on the coat because if you have a chance to try on such a lavish piece, you do it. I don’t even like fur coats at all but I would put this on and dance around. Lucy comes in and asks Ethel where she got it. Even while pretending to be lovely dovey the Mertzes still call each other names! Lucy gets so jealous she cries and throws a fit. I never liked her response. I understand being jealous and whatever but to really cry that your husband didn’t shell out that much money for 1 article of clothing? I think I’d cry if my husband did spend $33,000! It’s not a good color on Lucy but she can be quite spoiled.

Ricky follows her into the bedroom and tells her the coat is not Ethel’s and that he brought the coat home. Poor choice of words, Rick, because immediately Lucy thinks he brought it home for her. It is after all, according to Lucy, their anniversary. Ricky doesn’t have the cojonoes to tell her the truth so instead thinks up this brilliant plan of staging a home invasion and “robbing” Lucy of her coat while she sleeps.

Image result for i love lucy the fur coat

Do I even need to get into how terrible this idea is?! How scary and invasive  that would feel to a woman to wake up and see there was a stranger in her bedroom while she slept? His plan doesn’t work since Lucy, in her adorable pigtails, uses the coat as the most expensive snuggie and sleeps with it.

So instead of robbing her while she sleeps, he decided to wake her up for it. He has Fred pose as a robber and take the coat from Lucy’s hands. Brilliant. What could go wrong? Well, that night a masked man does come in with a gun to rob the Ricardos but unknown to Ricky (you know he can’t tell his loved ones with even the simplest of disguises) it’s not Fred! What kind of neighborhood does our gang live in? There’s this guy, Madam X, the Cries Wolf guys…. and yet their doors are never locked and the Mertzes just barge right in…

Image result for i love lucy the fur coat

Ricky leads “Fred” right into the bedroom and tells him that the coast is $3,500 so of course the real bad guy tells Lucy, “hand over that coat or I’ll shoot.” Lucy’s response? “Wait a minute,” she moved the coat from the line of fire, “okay go ahead and shoot.”

Fred, just then, is climbing through the bedroom window and the robber freaks out, runs out of the room, dropping the coat as he flees. Ricky to Fred, “you already been here.” ha!

So the next morning, Lucy is lamenting to Ethel about Ricky’s cowardice and of course, Ethel spills the beans. Lucy wants to get even. But for what? For Ricky not telling her the truth about the coat not being hers? About staging that awful home invasion even though it turned out to be real? For forgetting their anniversary? Does Lucy even have a reason to be mad?

Image result for i love lucy the fur coat

But she is mad and as revenge, buys a ratty imitation coat and starts cutting away, which causes Ricky to faint. Then he apologizes by buying Lucy a hat, dress and shoes. So I guess Lucy wins? Also she admits to Ethel that it isn’t really her their anniversary- she lies about that a lot.


Ricky reveals they moved into the apartment on August 6th, 1948.  Aug 6 is Lucille Ball’s (and sometimes Lucy Ricardo’s) birthday.

This was another rerun during second season hiatus and before Lucy went on maternity leave, she shot a quick opening scene with Ricky where she’s bundled up at breakfast as a way to convince Ricky to buy her the fur coats she’s always wanted. Ricky reminds her that she had a fur coat once and the scene dissolves into the rest of this ep.

The writers had another scene that got cut before they even filmed it because it was too racy for S&P. In it, Ricky tries to coax Lucy out of the coat by turning up the heat.

R: Lucy, I’m dying from the heat. Aren’t you warm?

L: Oh yes, it’s terrible.

R: Here let me help you off with your coat.

L: No thanks, I don’t want to take if off.

R: How can you stand it with all your clothes on and that fur coat on top of them?

L: I can’t. I took everything off but the fur coat ten minutes ago.



In a later episode Lucy gives her address 4A, assuming they live on the 4th floor, how does Fred climb up a ladder into their bedroom?

The audience laughs at the minks pox joke and if you listen, you can hear a woman repeat the words “minks pox.”

After Lucy destroys the fur coat, causing Ricky to faint, you can see the edge of the carpet where the living room stops and the studio starts.

Familiar Faces:

Ben Weldon’s only ILL appearance is at the thief in this episode but he does have history with the cast. He was in Sorrowful Jones with Lucille Ball and The Lemon Drop Kid with William Frawley.



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