S1E10: Lucy is Jealous of Girl Singer

13 Mar

Aired Dec 17, 1951

Plot: After reading a planted piece about Ricky is the newspaper, Lucy is convinced Ricky is having an affair with the new dancer.

Let’s Get Into It: Ethel, almost too cavalierly, comes into the Ricardo’s with a newspaper under her arm to show Lucy a blurb in the paper about a bandleader with the initials RR playing cat and mouse with his new girl dancer. Lucy initially recognizes it as a publicity stunt but not a second after Ethel leaves, does she go into their bedroom and starts attacking Ricky with that newspaper.  Ricky says he’s faithful as an old dog and Lucy sarcastically agrees “Yeah, old Rover.” Huh? Is that a reference to something I don’t get?? But then Ricky kisses her to explain how he feels and she’s so smitten she asks “what were we talking about?” Now that, I get!

I always wondered how the Ball-Arnaz’s felt about these such story lines since Desi was rumored to be a philanderer.

The band, back at the club, is good for a solid joke, sleeping while playing. We see the rehearsal during which Ricky tears the train of the new dancer, Rosemary’s dress and he tells her to put it in his jacket and he’ll take it home for his wife to sew. Doesn’t he have some kind of in house tailor? He makes Lucy sew her costume in The Diet and now this?

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So that night, Lucy makes her husband his favorite dinner, arroz con pollo. Is she wearing her pajamas? Ricky tries to make Lucy feel as bad as he can and tells her he was so upset about her accusations this morning that he didn’t go to rehearsal and instead brooded in the park. Well of course just then, Luce finds Rosemary’s torn black lace blue jeans in Ricky’s pocket. He hems and haws knowing he’s caught in a lie and now he just looks even more guilty. Lucy has a smart retort, “You’ll have to speak louder than that!”


Ricky tells her what happened and invites her to Tropicana to see for herself. Ethel of course is listening at the door and when Ricky swings it open and she falls to the ground. Ricky steps right over her.

Ethel points out to Lucy what we are all thinking. Of course Ricky isn’t going to be hitting on Rosemary in front of Lucy’s face. So they decide to sneak into the club when Ricky doesn’t know they’re there. But still, do they think he’s going to be cheating right there on the dance floor in front of the whole band? I mean, I would think they’d be off is some dark corner backstage. Like in the “cleaning men only room.” That was a fun visual gag.

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So Lucy disguises herself as another showgirl so she can be up close and personal on the stage.  Think she’s wearing the same wig as The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub? And Ricky and Rosemary preform the Jezebel number, and holy smokes, Rosemary is gorgeous. Let’s talk about the title of this episode. It’s called Lucy is Jealous of Girl Singer. Never once does Rosemary sing. The cast at the reading realized this and changed their scripts to Dancer but it never officially changed over.  And there’s no explanation for why it’s not Lucy is jealous of A girl dancer.

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So Lucy barely in disguise joins the chorus line and now it’s evident she did NOT rehearse. She’s all over the place and to emphasize just how bad of a dancer, she is scratching her back mid performance and runs off stage crashing into who knows what. She runs home, takes off her costume and jumps into bed, what like Ricky wouldn’t  know where she was all night? He does of course and comes out of the closet wearing her terrible wig. They kiss and make up and boy do they kiss. The original kiss was a bit too risqué after the first broadcast and got cut down in syndication.


William Frawley does not appear in this episode.

This was another rerun during the 2nd season with a new opening scene where Fred and Ethel read a different publicity article which reminds them of this whole ordeal.



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