S1E12: The Adagio

27 Mar

Aired: Dec 31, 1951

The Plot: Lucy tries to get a part for Ricky’s new Apache act so she hires a romantic dance teacher.

Let’s Get Into It: In the palm springs episode when the gang is all picking on each other over their annoying habits, Ricky taps his fingers, Lucy stirs her coffee and Fred jingles his keys, we the audience don’t have much evidence of seeing those annoying things but Ethel’s bad habit is eating too loud and boy oh boy do we see that from the start of the series. Ricky tells everyone he’s starting a French Apache act so of course, Lucy wants a starring role. Ricky has a clever bit telling Lucy to come right out and ask for a part instead of going through all the theatrics and when she does, replying with a very simple, “No.”

Well, apparently Fred wants in too. He even lets Ethel buy a new hat if she convinces Lucy to let him be her partner. And for cheapskate Fred, that’s a big deal! So Ethel tells Lucy that Fred will be her partner/teacher and for a second she honestly thinks Ethel managed to get Fred Astaire! Like all this time Astaire and Ethel are old pals and she just called him up for a favor? Ha.

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Nope, just Fred but Lucy stomps all over his feet. Just then Ethel rushes in because she found a better partner and Fred admits he’s out. Does that mean Ethel still gets her hat? I hope she bought one anyway! Ethel, in an amazing coincidence, tells Lucy that the owner of the French Laundry has a nephew from Paris who just got to NYC and he is an Apache dancer! Ethel is such a good friend.She evens warns Lucy that Ricky is coming home when she is secretly dancing with said Apache dancer, Jean Valijean Raymand.

Lucy hides JVR in the closet because she doesn’t want him to know she’s rehearsing for his show. How Ricky doesn’t see JVR’s arm sticking out the closet I’ll never know but it was a funny bit. JVR assumes being hidden from the husband means they’re in love. That’s all it takes for the French.

That night, JVR climbs up Fred’s ladder to the 4th floor and tries to run away with Lucy. Oblivious Ricky talks about someday moving to the country. Lucy’s mind must have been very preoccupied and not listening otherwise in season 6 she wouldn’t have had to wheedle him so much to move and could’ve just reminded him, “hey remember that time the French guy was hanging off the side of our fourth floor window and you said you wanted to move to Westchester?” JVR almost falls to his death before Ricky notices and I love when he says “there’s a man out here” like she didn’t know! JVR says to him to watch out for Lucy’s stupid husband. Um who did JVR think he was talking to?? Did he really not know/assume that this man, in Lucy’s bedroom, wearing a robe was Lucy’s husband? Dumb dumb. (Or as Ricky calls him, gigolo!) So the boys do the only sane thing, challenge the other to a duel. Well JVR chickens out not realizing Ricky would take him up on it since he’s not a ‘regular’ American! So JVR tells him he’s not really in love with Lucy- he has a wife and 5 kids. Okay, so what was your plan after/if Lucy agreed to run away with you hmm Raymand?

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Well of course Ricky still wants to teach Lucy a lesson so they shoot off the guns in the bedroom. WHA? they point them up and bang. Did they just shoot a whole in the roof? And has it been established that they live on the top floor? So JVR wins the “duel” and comes out to collect Lucy’s hand and she is led to believe that Ricky is dead. I’m not a big practical joker anyway but the joke that her husband is dead? Too far! Lucy is lovey dovey since she’s not a widow but when they’re laying in bed (next to each other, in twin beds that are pushed together!) she lets him have it for that dirty dirty trick!


Lucy and her stylist hadn’t pinned down her iconic bun hairstyle yet and she plays around with her hair in the early eps. In the opening scene, I think it’s kind of matronly but it’s cute when she first meets Jean Valijean Raymond. Ethel looks adorable, however.

Familiar Faces:

JVR is played by Shepard Menken who’s also in Lucy Becomes a Sculptress, Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined, and Paris at Last.  




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