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10 Lowest Rated

6 Apr

Well, we’ve talked about the highest rated episodes before so let’s take a look at the lower rated ones. Hey, they can’t be all winners!

Again I’ll look to IMDb at the last ten on their ratings page but I did want to add a few that stick out to me for all the wrong reasons. I’m giving the pilot a pass because a) they’re notoriously flawed and b) it wasn’t aired in the usual manner as the rest of the eps.

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#1 Lucy Goes to Scotland (S5E17)
I’m not sure how I feel about this being the lowest! It’s a little farcical but it’s also the only episode they managed to colorize. I’ll find myself humming “I’m in Love with a Dragon’s Dinner” from time to time.

#2 Lucy Plays Cupid (S1E15)
Any ep where Lucy gets spanked always gets a point taken away by me. But it’s fun to see the Ethel-that-could-have-been, Bea Benaderet and the fire in her furnace.

#3 The Young Fans (S1E20)
Richard Crenna’s very first credited role! But I agree it’s not a strong episode. Two teen neighbor kids fall for Ricky and Lucy respectively. It does border on the creepy side.

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#4 The Benefit (S1E13)
What’s so wrong with this one? I adore the act Ricky and Lucy do and her ruining all his jokes. Tap tap tap!

#5 The Adagio (S1E12)
I was honestly surprised to see so many season 1 episodes on this list. I think season 1 has some winning, iconic eps. I guess it was very hit and miss. In this one, Lucy gets a little too close to her dance teacher. It’s nothing too egregious but it’s also not the most memorable.

#6 Drafted (S1E11)
The girls think the boys have been drafted. The boys think the girls are pregnant. There are questions I have about this ep.

#7 The Audition (S1E6)
Alright now you’ve really done it. I guess since this is like the pilot and people didn’t like the pilot, and A=B and B=C but I’ll stand by this. Ball is fantastic in it.

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#8 The Operetta (S2E5)
Okay, I  am and have always been aware that I love this episode more than most. But darn it, I love this episode. I like musicals though and I think I’m seeing a common thread here.  No one can argue Vance’s talent after seeing her as Lily of the Valley!

#9 Cuban Pals (S1E28)
Again, it’s the musical numbers that lure me in. The song “Lady in Red” is great and Desi has a flub in the episode that makes for a real genuine moment.

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And I’m counting both as #10
Tennessee Ernie Visits & Tennessee Ernie Hangs on (S3E28 & 29) I might even add Tennessee Bound in for good measure. Ernie Ford is a long time friend to Ball but he is a bit… grating. Although Lucy makes a great “wicked city woman.”

And to follow up with my stinkers:

#11 Lucy Cries Wolf (S4E3)
This one is such a bummer to me! I can barely watch it. Yes, Lucy is a brat. I get that. But the idea that she was really  tied up by strange criminals is too disturbing to me to be a gag. Pass.

#14 The Courtroom (S2E7)
When the Ricardos and Mertzes fight it’s either great (Breaking the Lease) or it’s hard to watch. This one is the latter. The Ricardos try and do a good thing and it turns into a total disaster.  Redecorating is the episode right after this and it’s in the similar vein. Not the best, in my opinion.

Agree? Disagree?? What do you think?